• 実在せズ


AI, IoT, シンギュラリティーが叫ばれはじめた2016年、突如として現れたマルチプレイヤー4人からなるインストゥルメンタルバンド「実在せズ」。このたび世界配信デビューが決定した。

2017年6月16日(金) デジタルシングルで世界配信開始。これを機に毎月1曲ずつ配信を行っていく予定。世界デビューデジタルシングル:「雨ニモ勝テズ」



An instrumental piano rock band consisted of 4 fictitious characters, named The Nonexistents.

In 2016, when the keywords such as AI, IoT and Singularity became a hot topic, they were formed.

They will make their debut by the digital single titled "Beaten by rain".

They don't do concert because of their fictionality as their name shows. They act in the world of the internet. Inspite of their surreal and slack visual, their sound is spicy and cutting edge.

Their band name includes the meaning below.

Although they are "nonexistent", their music surely "exists" in the hearts of the listeners.


  • 日本
  • インスト(歌なし)
  • 東京都
  • 2017/06/19登録